La Tour Eiffel


The iconic Paris Tower delights visitors from the first visit.

These photographs are Limited Edition Prints.


They are available is sizes:

      12 x 18 inches

     16 x 24 inches

 Mat and Framing are available upon request.


Please call for price quotes.

The Art Market - Montmartre


With Sacre Coeur in the background, art lovers search for that perfect souvenir of Paris - an original painting or print of the City of Light.




The Rooftops of Paris


An early spring daybreak lights up a new morning for those lucky enough to live in the upper apartments of the Marais district of old Paris.




Paris -


du Concorde

Arc de Triomphe


Visitors and Parisiens alike love to stroll down the




Le Deux Magots (The Two Merchants)


Light from one of the most famous of Paris cafes welcomes you on a corner of the Boulevard St. Germain.



La Maison - Paris


Shall we take a stop from our bike ride of the French Quarter for a bite of lunch or an afternoon snack?













Bike resting in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France.



Cafe Le Montebello


If we take a seat and gaze across the street,

what shall we find?


Oh, the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, of course.



Notre Dame

de Paris


The Pieta






 As we walk

behind the altar

on this spring

morning, sun

strikes the

Virgin Mother




sculpture of

the Pieta.