About Us

Every individual should have access to art and culture in their daily lives.


Our goal is to enable visitors online or in person to understand the art we display and to generate discussion about the way art brings culture and enjoyment and lifts the human spirit.  We have forged many friendships over the years in this way.

About the Artist

Roger lives in Colorado.  His photography has shown in galleries in Colorado and Maine, and hangs in homes from Nova Scotia and Maine to Florida, and from Tennessee and Texas to California.


The images you see in the online galleries here are the result of many years of working with 35mm, medium format and digital cameras as well as traditional darkroom techniques and digital software.


This work shows his belief in photography as literally "drawing with light".  He strives for simple, straightforward images.  While not quite a minimalist, his photography embraces the 'less is more' philosophy of image-making, and his work with light, moods and emotions emphasize this.


Always eager to discuss his work with enthusiasts and novices alike, Roger celebrates the uplifting of the human spirit by art and culture and his images demonstrate this.